The Weidt Group

About Our Company

The Weidt Group provides services and tools to plan and manage commercial building energy consumption. Working with utilities, owners, design teams, and manufacturers, we provide comparative analysis of options to help decision-makers find the right solution for their energy efficiency and financial goals. Using real-time, web-based energy models, we provide energy cost savings, paybacks, and total life-cycle cost information critical to making informed energy decisions.

How We Can Help You

Whole building new construction programs allow utilities to reduce the energy consumption of a building at the most cost-effective time to intervene. However, the resources required to build custom energy models has limited their cost-effectiveness on smaller buildings and for certain building types. The Weidt Group designs and implements whole building new construction programs to cost-effectively address these hard-to-reach buildings by automating the creation of the energy models with a web-based tool that allows customers and design teams to model design alternatives in real time and see the integrated savings and incentives for their different options. We provide design teams the ability to compare the energy consumption and incentive impacts of design decisions—including mechanical system selection, HVAC efficiency upgrades, outdoor air strategies, envelope insulation, glazing, lighting controls, lighting design and daylighting—early in the design phase, when these decision outcomes can be most easily incorporated into commercial buildings.

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