About Our Company

InMoment is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that gives clients the ability to gather customer feedback & experience data, distill actionable insights in real-time, and automatically distribute the right insights, to the right stakeholders, and the right time. With InMoment, Clients realize better business results via better insights on how to optimize customer and employee experiences. Our products and services include Voice of Customer (VoC), Social Reviews and Advocacy, Employee Engagement, Support, and Consulting.

How We Can Help You

Who “owns” your customers? Which employee or department “manages” the customer experience? The truth? No one. And everyone. Your customers’ experiences are created through a series of moments with your products, services, and people.

In a time where customers have a bigger voice than ever before, you’ve got to identify and understand the moments that matter most—and empower every employee to fully own their individual moments.

InMoment is the leading VoC provider in the food services, retail, and contact center industries, with deep domain expertise in utilities, B2B, healthcare & hospitality. We provide the technology platform and best-in-class text analytics that enables you to 1) listen to customers how and when they want to be heard, 2) understand what truly matters most to customers via powerful analytics, and 3) share insights both internally and externally in ways that are highly relevant to your critical personas.

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