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About Our Company

Embertec is a leading energy efficiency technologies company. We are the inventors of Active Powerdown™ technology which addresses Active power waste in audio video and PC environments.

They reduce all forms of power wastage – including Standby power used by appliances when they’re switched off, and Active power used by appliances left on but not being used.

How We Can Help You

Embertec is a developer of intuitive, energy efficiency and modulation solutions for the consumer electronic and smart grid sectors. As the founder of the Tier 2 Advanced Power Strip (APS) product category, Embertec is the only Tier 2 APS provider whose technology has attained real world performance validation from a number of recognized and independent energy industry bodies. 

Our Tier 2 APS products reduce all forms of power wastage, including standby power usage – electricity that is used by appliances while they are turned off – and active wastage from devices left on but not being used through the feature Active Powerdown™. They are intelligent, reliable and easy to use. See how easy is to set up our devices with our "How to install video".

Embertec has recognized that Tier 2 APS solutions should be utilized as a platform offering to provide utilities with a scalable energy efficiency market solution. This is achieved through providing householders tailored energy efficiency solutions whilst on their personal “energy efficiency journey”. This approach will further strengthen the relationship between utilities and their customers towards an emerging long term energy partnership.



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