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About Our Company

For more than 25 years, E Source has been helping utilities and large energy users with critical problems involving energy efficiency, utility customer satisfaction, program design, marketing, customer management, and sustainability. Our research and advisory business model enables you to tap into the best minds in the business, people who have wrestled with problems very similar to yours. Our approach gets you up the learning curve fast, helps you avoid the mistakes others have already made, and allows your organization to begin to immediately implement the industry’s best practices.

How We Can Help You

Research, Advisory, and Consulting Services for Utilities, Cities, and Energy Providers

The pressure is on for utilities—you’re being asked to do more with dwindling resources. You need to increase customer participation in energy-efficiency and demand-response programs while reducing operating costs, to improve customer satisfaction and productivity while driving customers to online and IVR self-service channels, and to develop more-effective communications that give your customers concrete guidance on what they can do about climate change.

Gain the ability to accomplish more. We can help you make better, faster business decisions through:

  • Access to our industry experts
  • Real-time responses to your most pressing questions
  • Timely research delivered the way you want it
  • Custom consulting solutions 

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