About Our Company

Clean Markets is a market development firm focused on DSM program Marketing, Outreach and Data Analytics. Founded by former energy executives, we consistently achieve high impact results and program participant satisfaction. Our marketing and outreach campaigns, guided by strong segmentation and industry knowledge, get the attention of the busiest decision-makers. In the past five years we have delivered over 450 GWh of energy savings to utility incentive programs. Look for the launch of B-RIM, our award-winning DSM sales tool in June 2015. Certifications: WBENC and WBE in CA, NJ,PA.

How We Can Help You

The Clean Markets' team helps program implementers and utility managers reach their goals with confidence. With our concrete understanding of the business goals for each program, we have the perspective and expertise you need to make an impact. Since our inception in 2008, our high performing team has supported over ten utility and government energy efficiency and demand response programs. Our combination of technical knowledge and creative marketing in the commercial and industrial sectors is rare. 

Services we regularly provide include: designing and executing successful Marketing and Outreach campaigns, uncovering new market opportunities, designing niche programs, creating breakthrough advertising, training trade allies, organizing media events, working with large and small utility customers to submit incentive applications, and working with stakeholders as channel partners. We have had success in programs targeted for the commercial, industrial, small business, institutional and residential sectors, while our technology experience covers energy efficiency, demand response and renewable energy. In the second half of 2015 we will launch B-RIM, our energy efficiency sales tool, ranked in the top five emerging energy efficiency software programs by the US Department of Energy's Consortium for Building Energy Efficiency. 

Service Categories