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About Our Company

BITS Limited, inventor of the Smart Strip® APS introduces the Eco-Logical™ line of CSA/Water Sense® approved shower heads and aerators. Included are air-filter whistles, PTFE tape, door-sweeps, and temperature cards with optional custom imprint (just like our night-lights). Also new are dimming and non-dimming A-19 800 lumen LED BITS Bulbs™ packaged for inclusion in utility kits. BITS is now a one-stop-shop for distributors looking to complete kits or rebate-eligible energy/water saving items.
BITS Smart Strip LLC
Bits Limited

How We Can Help You

Bits Limited can supply you with Energy saving Advanced Power Strips in 7 & 10 outlet, plumbing items, LED bulbs, night lights, door sweeps, plus we can build kits full of these items.  Stocked in the USA.

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