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Provides enterprise software and services to power the world’s asset-intensive industries, such as energy, mining, public infrastructure, and transportation.
Service Category: Integrated Resource Planning, IT Services | Home Office: Atlanta, Georgia

Verde Solutions partners with businesses, municipalities and educational centers across the country to develop comprehensive energy efficiency solutions. This company offers energy efficiency consultant firm founded on three main principles; innovation, sustainability, & efficiency. Verde offers a diverse portfolio of cost-saving, energy efficient measures that directly correlate to the bottom line and environmental footprint.

Service Category: Energy Audits, Energy Management Services, Renewable Energy Services | Home Office: Chicago, Illinois
Offers solutions that help organizations address three areas of the market—customer engagement optimization; security intelligence; and fraud, risk, and compliance—by capturing large amounts of information from numerous data types and sources, using analytics to glean insights from the information, and leveraging the resulting intelligence to help clients achieve their goals in these areas.
Service Category: Customer Care Services, Customer Experience Consulting, IT Services | Home Office: Melville, New York

Dedicated to reducing the economic and environmental costs of energy use. Offers energy-efficiency utilities as well as implementation and consulting services to utilities, government agencies, and foundations for the design and delivery of energy efficiency and renewable energy services.

Service Category: Policy Consulting, Program Planning & Design, Technical Reference Manual Development | Home Office: Burlington, Vermont
Offers a complete portfolio of transformational business process outsourcing (BPO), IT, and professional services developed to meet utility industry challenges. For example, offers solutions related to such functions a contact centers, home working agents, quality management, exception management, multichannel optimization, and proactive outbound communications.
Service Category: Customer Care Services, Digital Strategy Consulting, IT Services | Home Office: Richardson, Texas

VidCruiter is the world's most advanced video interviewing platform. They will reduce your time to hire and help you find better quality employees by providing you with a fully optimized recruitment process

Service Category: Administration Services | Home Office: Moncton, New Brunswick
Provides software to large business and industrial customers that turns energy profiles into financial returns, transforming how energy customers interact proactively and productively with the electric grid.
Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services | Home Office: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aligns customer context with agent availability to drive meaningful, proactive customer engagement—authentic conversations that yield customer satisfaction, loyalty, and operational efficiency. Serves the cable, financial, government, insurance, retail, travel, and utility industries.
Service Category: Call Center Services | Home Office: Akron, Ohio
Creates products and interactive energy conservation services that help consumers take control of electricity consumption. Combines hardware reference designs, software libraries, and the software cloud platform to connect smartphone and Web applications with products. Provides engineering services and tools for rapid prototyping.
Service Category: Manufacturer, DSM Software, Energy Management Services | Home Office: Palo Alto, California
Provides a cloud-based customer intelligence platform that allows clients to build engaged, secure communities of customers they can use continuously, across the enterprise, for ongoing, real-time feedback and insight. The technology helps large, customer-centric enterprises discover what their customers want so they can deliver what their customers need.
Service Category: Web Development, Market Research Services | Home Office: Vancouver, British Columbia
A fully integrated agency that never stops measuring, innovating, and improving. Expertise includes both business and consumer categories, including energy, entertainment, enthusiast brands, food and beverage, healthcare, home improvement, hospitality, QSR/fast-casual, retail, technology, and travel and tourism.
Service Category: Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy Consulting, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Denver, Colorado
A pay-as-you-go, hosted solution that leverages conversational virtual agents powered by artificial intelligence to automate a wider variety of inbound and outbound call types at a cost far below that of a human agent. Enables clients to off-load mundane, repetitive tasks that drive costs and negatively impact agent satisfaction. Serves businesses in the utility, financial, healthcare, and transportation industries as well as call centers for a variety of other large businesses.
Service Category: Call Center Services, Customer Care Services | Home Office: Camarillo, California
Marketing insights from a team of specialists to engage clients with their communities.
Service Category: Digital Strategy Consulting, Web Development, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Yarmouth, Maine
Offers cross-channel, real-time, individualized, and actionable solutions that pair proprietary technology with expert advisors to ensure that customer goals are met. Customers can select individual options or use them in combination to create a total digital marketing environment to meet their needs.
Service Category: Web Development, Marketing & Advertising Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services | Home Office: Portland, Oregon
WECC partners with utilities, local and state governments, and other organizations to provide real energy solutions that help both consumers and businesses, while delivering economic and environmental benefits. WECC designs and implements energy efficiency, financing, and training programs.
Service Category: Financing, Implementation, Training | Home Office: Madison, Wisconsin
Provides a web-based utility analytics platform for the building performance industry. Distills large aggregations of energy and water data into actionable information for building owners, managers, energy auditors and energy-efficiency programs.
Service Category: DSM Software | Home Office: Boston, Massachusetts
Specializing in the evaluation and statistical analysis of energy-efficiency programs
Service Category: Evaluation | Home Office: Brattleboro, Vermont
Offers services to support utility businesses, providing a wide array of choices that make eBilling and payments fast, easy, and seamless. Minimizes the impact on client's internal resources while reducing costs.
Service Category: Billing & Payment Processing, Customer Care Services | Home Office: Englewood, Colorado
A software developer, systems integrator, and full-service software management company. In the area of social media development, custom software solutions help clients serve their customers, employees, and suppliers more effectively and efficiently.
Service Category: IT Services | Home Office: Toronto, Ontario
Provides professional technical and consulting services aimed at ensuring the quality, value, and security of US infrastructure, systems, facilities, and environment. Offerings span engineering and planning, energy efficiency and sustainability, financial and economic consulting, and national preparedness.
Service Category: Energy Audits, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Anaheim, California