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Provides engineering design, investigation, and analysis services. Addresses the life cycle of structures through seven integrated practices.
Service Category: Energy Management Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: New York, New York
Full-service energy and natural resource management consulting firm. Over 25 years in the energy and resource consulting industry and experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and other resource conservation, green building technologies and applications, and resource industry human capital deployment.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Walnut Creek, California
Information technology professional services and network construction. Works in site acquisition, construction, and maintenance for cellular, smart grid, and government; fiber-optic engineering, permitting, and construction management; information systems for the construction industry; and more.
Service Category: IT Services, Engineering Services, Smart Grid Services | Home Office: Portland, Maine
A cloud-based multi-channel bill payment processor serving the largest telecom, wireless, cable and utility network operators. Provides fast, convenient, and secure access to bill-payment services.
Service Category: Billing & Payment Processing | Home Office: Vancouver, British Columbia
A research agency providing actionable insights that help clients make decisions that drive growth. Offers services related to brand and communications, customer strategies, innovation and product development, qualitative research and analysis, and retail and shopper insights.
Service Category: Brand Strategy, Customer Experience Consulting, Market Research Services | Home Office: New York, New York
Committed to developing and bringing to market a growing line of energy-saving and environmentally responsible solutions to address deficient packaged HVAC rooftop units (RTUs).
Service Category: Manufacturer, DSM Software | Home Office: Kent, Washington

Since 1997, TRAXPayroll has provided online payroll services to businesses of all sizes. We offer proven payroll solutions that deliver trouble-free, simplified payroll processing and administration. Our innovative technology allows you to securely manage your payroll 24 hours a day remotely. At TRAXPayroll, we emphasize personalized service and long-term relationships. Behind our leading payroll solutions stands a team of industry and technology experts that provide exceptional service and full support with our products.

Service Category: Administration Services | Home Office: Hercules, California
Provides communications solutions to help utilities and energy providers address modern energy challenges. It's proprietary software platform enables scalable, secure, meter-independent, and multi-technology smart grid communications to help utilities meet their energy challenges and deliver reliable, clean, and affordable energy to their customers.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, IT Services | Home Office: Redwood City, California
Delivers analytical solutions and data-driven insights; its multisource data fusion technology combines internal customer data with over 2,000 attributes of external third-party data. The Sunstone Platform processes volumes of data; data scientists develop proprietary algorithms to provide value.
Service Category: DSM Software, Load Forecasting, Big Data Services | Home Office: Delray Beach, Florida
Specializes in software development, network services, and wireless technology. Offers a fully integrated CIS/utility billing and accounting system to utilities and local governments. Also serves as a distributor for Itron, which provides automatic meter reading, advanced metering infrastructure, and water loss management systems.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, Billing & Payment Processing, Customer Information Systems | Home Office: Benton, Kentucky

Addresses the challenges that come from increasing levels of urbanization and globalization—such as the needs for greater efficiency, integration, and performance in modern technologies. Researchers investigate such ideas as the “what ifs” of advanced propulsion and power, energy storage, building efficiency, autonomy and human-machine interaction, and revolutionary aircraft systems.

Service Category: Engineering Services, Research & Development | Home Office: Hartford, Connecticut

Unyson is a division of Hub Group that specializes in improving supply chain performance through the use of industry-leading practices and state of the art technology. We provide management solutions that support our customers' strategic and green initiatives and deliver results while guaranteeing supply chain savings. Visit our website to learn more.

Service Category: Integrated Resource Planning, Load Forecasting | Home Office:
Provides an automated feed of utility data. Aggregates and normalizes utility bill and interval data from over 1,400 providers and delivers it into the business systems that rely on it.
Service Category: Big Data Services, Database Development & Support, IT Services | Home Office: Atlanta, Georgia
Helps utilities and other program administrators design, implement, manage, administrate, and evaluate demand-side management incentive programs and publicly funded energy-efficiency programs. Services include all aspects of DSM programs that merge energy efficiency and demand response to better control the supply side, mitigating uncertainty and risk in today's energy business.
Service Category: Implementation, Program Planning & Design, Training | Home Office: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Used Cisco is the largest online network hardware outlet, offering hardware products at affordable prices. We sell thousands of used Cisco routers, catalyst switches, ASA firewalls, unified IP phones, wireless products, memory, cables and other network hardware to businesses of all sizes. Why choose Used Cisco? *Zero- tolerance policy for asset recovery via eBay, auction sites and offshore vendors *Lowest prices anywhere. *Yearly warranty *Fast, professional and reliable shipping. Contact us today for any questions or inqueries about our cisco products. 1 (800) 504-7199

Service Category: IT Services | Home Office: New York, New York

Utegration, Inc. is a full service Consulting and Solutions company focused on the Energy and Utilities Industries. Our business model was developed with the expressed objective of maximizing the potential of the solutions and technology to meet Municipal to Large Enterprise Energy & Utility business needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. Founded in 2008, Utegration has experienced exceptional growth each year. Utegration is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with complimentary teams out of offices in India and the USA.

Service Category: Big Data Services, Customer Information Systems, Customer Relationship Management | Home Office: Houston, Texas
A software company committed to modernizing the electric grid. Offers technologies that capture real-time electric grid intelligence, enabling utilities to make smarter decisions aimed at increasing efficiency and reliability, integrating distributed energy resources, and protecting the grid.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, Big Data Services | Home Office: Providence, Rhode Island
Offers software that enables electric, gas, and water utility businesses as well as implementation contractors to track, evaluate, and manage portfolios of demand-side management programs. Meets program tracking, analytics, reporting, and evaluation functions. Covers programs aimed at conservation, demand response, weatherization, energy efficiency, renewable energy, distributed generation, and emerging technologies.
Service Category: DSM Software | Home Office: Glen Echo, Maryland

Manufacturer of cement-lined water heaters since 1961. Manufactures electric, hybrid, indirect, and solar water heaters for residential and commercial applications; also manufactures digital energy controllers and electronic devices used by electric utilities for load-controlling water heaters.

Service Category: Manufacturer | Home Office: Salisbury, Massachusetts
A full-service agency that aims to do right by its clients and to do right by its people. Draws on its good intentions and the expertise of its staff to deliver innovative results.
Service Category: Customer Experience Consulting, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: San Francisco, California