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Embertec is a leading energy efficiency technologies company. We are the inventors of Active Powerdown™ technology which addresses Active power waste in audio video and PC environments.

They reduce all forms of power wastage – including Standby power used by appliances when they’re switched off, and Active power used by appliances left on but not being used.

Service Category: Engineering Services, Manufacturer, Research & Development, Smart Grid Services | Home Office: Campbell, California

BITS Limited, inventor of the Smart Strip® APS introduces the Eco-Logical™ line of CSA/Water Sense® approved shower heads and aerators. Included are air-filter whistles, PTFE tape, door-sweeps, and temperature cards with optional custom imprint (just like our night-lights). Also new are dimming and non-dimming A-19 800 lumen LED BITS Bulbs™ packaged for inclusion in utility kits. BITS is now a one-stop-shop for distributors looking to complete kits or rebate-eligible energy/water saving items.
BITS Smart Strip LLC
Bits Limited

Service Category: Manufacturer | Home Office: Aptos, California

Nest reinvents unloved but important home products, like the thermostat. We focus on delighting customers with simple, beautiful and thoughtful hardware, software and services. Nest partners with electric and gas utilities across North America to deliver DSM programs that provide cost-effective energy savings, user-friendly demand response, and outstanding customer satisfaction. See for more information.

Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services, Implementation, Program Planning & Design, Manufacturer, Smart Grid Services | Home Office: Palo Alto, California
Provides low-cost data-logging hardware along with cloud services to cost-effectively deliver energy device data. Using a cloud service solves problems associated with device data collection related to cost, compatibility, data integrity, and security. Reliably delivers data from systems including utility meters, temperature sensors, gas meters, water meters, boilers, chillers, HVAC systems, compressed air systems, rooftop units and more.
Service Category: Manufacturer, Evaluation | Home Office: Portland, Oregon

Acieta has been leading the way in automation technology for over 30 years with more than 4,000 robotic systems installed. We are committed to creating a positive future for North American manufacturing.

Service Category: Manufacturer | Home Office: Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Locally owned and operated smart technology provider. Offers proprietary smart technologies that align with consumer’s interests in managing home systems, with the aim of having a positive impact on the environment while providing a positive user experience.
Service Category: Manufacturer, Energy Management Services | Home Office: Austin, Texas

A full-service source for water- and energy-saving products that have been used in large conservation programs.

Service Category: Implementation, Manufacturer, Administration Services | Home Office: Charleston, South Carolina

EaglePicher Technologies has been an industry leader in integrated power solutions for nearly a century. Demands on technology call for batteries and devices that are both smaller and lighter, yet deliver more energy and increase safety. In response to these demands, we bring you the newest technology innovations, custom battery development, and support from concept through production.

Service Category: Manufacturer | Home Office: St. Louis, Missouri
Makes Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats for residential and commercial applications that are intuitive and beautiful. Helps customers maximize comfort and savings without compromising lifestyle.
Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services, Manufacturer | Home Office: Toronto, Ontario

Provides energy management solutions that include software, portals, mobile applications, and wireless devices such as gateways, smart thermostats, load control switches, and consumer energy displays. Serves utility and residential customers.

Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services, Manufacturer | Home Office: Ottowa, Ontario

Leading provider of energy-efficient LED lighting products and turnkey energy efficient lighting solutions. Developer of energy-efficient lighting technology. Solutions provide energy savings, aesthetics, safety, and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting.

Service Category: Manufacturer, Research & Development | Home Office: Solon, Ohio

Airtech Vacuum is a full line manufacturer of regenerative blowers and a wide range of vacuum and pressure technologies including liquid ring vacuum pumps, DC variable speed blowers, vacuum pump blowers and oil-free vacuum pumps. Airtech provides products and services throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our pumps and blowers are utilized for most applications in many industries where vacuum and/or pressure systems are required. Contact us today at 877- 790-8770 to learn more about our vacuum pumps and blowers

Service Category: Engineering Services, Manufacturer | Home Office: Rutherford, New Jersey
Provides comprehensive, data-driven energy management solutions that leverage the power of real-time data collection, big data analytics, and cloud computing to maximize energy savings, operational efficiency, capital utilization, and sustainability benefits. Serves clients in the retail, restaurant, grocery, and convenience store industries as well as government entities.
Service Category: Manufacturer, Energy Management Services, Big Data Services | Home Office: Arlington, Virginia

Provides business and consumer solutions to transform business processes. Operations throughout the Americas. Offers a broad range of consumer and business products, including industrial equipment and services, automotive products, and consumer electronics. Leverages advanced technologies to create innovative solutions. Deals in research and development along with diverse product lines, right from the automotive systems and industrial systems to home electronics and professional display technologies. A subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd.

Service Category: IT Services, Manufacturer, Research & Development | Home Office: Los Angeles, California
Offers a cost-effective and reliable distributed energy storage solution for the grid. Delivers up to six hours of clean, firm, non-fatiguing stored energy daily that is fully dispatchable by the utility.
Service Category: Manufacturer | Home Office: Glendale, California

With over 70 completed solar installs and nearly 300k W of projects in progress, Living Skies Solar is determined to impact our climate with solar energy.

Service Category: Green Power, Manufacturer, Smart Grid Services | Home Office: Headingley, Manitoba

MRPEasy is a true cloud-based ERP/MRP software for small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses which offers the same functionality as well-known legacy systems, but without the extra complexity and insane price tag. MRPEasy does not require long-term training to be implemented. Since it is a SaaS solution, no prior installation is required. The main modules of MRPEasy are: Production Planning, Inventory Control, CRM, Procurement/Supply Chain Management, and several complementary functions. 

Service Category: Quality Assurance Services, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturer | Home Office: Tacoma , Washington

Pelican is a manufacturer of commercial-only web-enabled Smart Thermostats and EMS. We are a DCV- and ADR-approved manufacturer throughout the country where such programs exist such as: NVEnergy - ADR, PG&E - DCV, Focus on Energy - DCV, N.W. utilities - ARC Joint Utility Rebate, Bonneville Power - Energy Efficiency, Consumers Energy - ARC, Idaho Power - Commercial/Industrial Energy Efficiency, Rocky Mountain Power - ARC

Service Category: Manufacturer | Home Office: Livermore, California
Based on an understanding of how HVAC systems work in the real world, offers products that save energy and reduce peak load for utility customers. Ultimately seeks to serve the public through the wisest use of public and private energy-efficiency funding.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Manufacturer, Implementation | Home Office: San Rafael, California
Creates products that increase electrical safety and provide customized energy management or home automation load control. Founded in 1998 to reduce household electrical fires, its plug load control products can save your business money and help customers comply with green building codes.
Service Category: Manufacturer, Research & Development | Home Office: Lincolnshire, Illinois