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Embertec is a leading energy efficiency technologies company. We are the inventors of Active Powerdown™ technology which addresses Active power waste in audio video and PC environments.

They reduce all forms of power wastage – including Standby power used by appliances when they’re switched off, and Active power used by appliances left on but not being used.

Service Category: Engineering Services, Manufacturer, Research & Development, Smart Grid Services | Home Office: Campbell, California

We are a Denver-based company dedicated to providing software and services for the building energy modeling industry. We are a team of programmers, engineers, and scientists with a unique combination of expertise in software development, computer simulation, and building science. We offer training, support, and consulting services for building energy modeling tools built on DOE's EnergyPlus simulation engine. We specialize in complex projects and large-scale projects such as technology screening studies and market sector analyses.

Service Category: Big Data Services, Engineering Services, Research & Development | Home Office: Denver, Colorado

Leading provider of energy-efficient LED lighting products and turnkey energy efficient lighting solutions. Developer of energy-efficient lighting technology. Solutions provide energy savings, aesthetics, safety, and maintenance cost benefits over conventional lighting.

Service Category: Manufacturer, Research & Development | Home Office: Solon, Ohio

Provides business and consumer solutions to transform business processes. Operations throughout the Americas. Offers a broad range of consumer and business products, including industrial equipment and services, automotive products, and consumer electronics. Leverages advanced technologies to create innovative solutions. Deals in research and development along with diverse product lines, right from the automotive systems and industrial systems to home electronics and professional display technologies. A subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd.

Service Category: IT Services, Manufacturer, Research & Development | Home Office: Los Angeles, California
Creates products that increase electrical safety and provide customized energy management or home automation load control. Founded in 1998 to reduce household electrical fires, its plug load control products can save your business money and help customers comply with green building codes.
Service Category: Manufacturer, Research & Development | Home Office: Lincolnshire, Illinois

Addresses the challenges that come from increasing levels of urbanization and globalization—such as the needs for greater efficiency, integration, and performance in modern technologies. Researchers investigate such ideas as the “what ifs” of advanced propulsion and power, energy storage, building efficiency, autonomy and human-machine interaction, and revolutionary aircraft systems.

Service Category: Engineering Services, Research & Development | Home Office: Hartford, Connecticut