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Provides engineering and energy consulting services, with expertise that includes energy supply, natural gas, transmission, energy efficiency, environment and safety, financial and regulatory matters.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Marietta, Georgia

An integrated energy solutions company that has installed and engineered over 4,500 solar and clean energy systems since 2001. Reduces energy costs and develops utility assets in renewable energy production, demand-side management, and return-on-investment strategies for its US and non-US clients.

Service Category: Financing, Renewable Energy Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: Murrieta, California

Independent providers of energy engineering services specializing in commercial, institutional, and industrial mechanical systems. Familiar with energy-using systems, proven methods for reducing utility costs, and accurate techniques for estimating project costs and energy savings.

Service Category: Energy Audits, Renewable Energy Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: Oakland, California
Helps utility clients respond to increased energy demand, contend with severe weather, improve operational efficiency, and integrate renewable energy into the mix of power generation. Offers utility industry experience, technical expertise, and regulatory and business acumen for improving clients' organizational performance and addressing the needs of consumers, investors, and stakeholders. Services include business and financial advisory, energy management, big data analytics, power delivery, smart grid, and renewable and clean energy.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Smart Grid Services, IT Services | Home Office: Reston, Virginia
Delivers energy engineering consulting services aimed at maximizing the value of utility company assets while improving end-use clients' mechanical building systems design, construction, and operation. Serves large utilities, corporations, city planners, and medical institutions.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Implementation | Home Office: Tempe, Arizona
Provides technical, program management, evaluation, and administrative support for utility demand-side management programs. Also provides services to commercial, institutional, and industrial end-users, including investment-grade feasibility studies, retro-commissioning studies, and LEED consulting.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: La Crosse, Wisconsin
Provides engineering and technical support to utility-sponsored commercial and industrial incentive programs, consulting services to commercial end users, and sustainability solutions including LEED certifications.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Energy Audits, Implementation | Home Office: Morro Bay, California
Provides energy-engineering and program-management services to utilities, government agencies, and private sector clients. Has served as technical advisor in the fields of energy efficiency and clean generation.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Program Planning & Design, Regulatory Consulting | Home Office: San Francisco, California
PSE is a full-service consulting firm for electric utilities, independent power producers, and commercial and industrial electric users. Clients include distribution cooperatives, generation and transmission cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, public utility districts, and industry associations.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Smart Grid Services, Load Forecasting | Home Office: Madison, Wisconsin
Based on an understanding of how HVAC systems work in the real world, offers products that save energy and reduce peak load for utility customers. Ultimately seeks to serve the public through the wisest use of public and private energy-efficiency funding.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Manufacturer, Implementation | Home Office: San Rafael, California
Quantum Energy Services & Technologies provides energy-efficiency solutions to a broad range of sectors with expertise in both energy-efficiency engineering and program management. Offers data-driven solutions to clients ranging from corner grocers and universities to data centers and wastewater treatment plants.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Energy Audits, Implementation | Home Office: Berkeley, California
Specializing in energy management, offers products and services aimed at making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive, and green. Services in the energy field include automation and control, building life cycle, critical power and cooling, electrical distribution, sustainability consulting, engineering, GIS, industrial repair, lighting control, and power management engineered solutions.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Manufacturer, Energy Management Services | Home Office: Palatine, Illinois
Delivers an open, standards-based networking platform plus software and services to utilities and cities to support multiple smart grid and smart city applications and services on a single, unified network. Enables clients to reap energy efficiencies, enhance services, and reduce costs.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Smart Grid Services, IT Services | Home Office: Redwood City, California

SoftDEL enables automation OEMs engineer smart, connected products that power the Industrial Internet of Things.

Service Category: IT Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: Allen, Texas

Specializes in using engineering applications to design and execute energy optimization projects. Designs and supports green construction projects with architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, validation and structural engineering, consulting services, and construction management services.

Service Category: Engineering Services | Home Office: San Ramon, California
Provides engineering design, investigation, and analysis services. Addresses the life cycle of structures through seven integrated practices.
Service Category: Energy Management Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: New York, New York
Full-service energy and natural resource management consulting firm. Over 25 years in the energy and resource consulting industry and experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and other resource conservation, green building technologies and applications, and resource industry human capital deployment.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Walnut Creek, California
Information technology professional services and network construction. Works in site acquisition, construction, and maintenance for cellular, smart grid, and government; fiber-optic engineering, permitting, and construction management; information systems for the construction industry; and more.
Service Category: IT Services, Engineering Services, Smart Grid Services | Home Office: Portland, Maine

Addresses the challenges that come from increasing levels of urbanization and globalization—such as the needs for greater efficiency, integration, and performance in modern technologies. Researchers investigate such ideas as the “what ifs” of advanced propulsion and power, energy storage, building efficiency, autonomy and human-machine interaction, and revolutionary aircraft systems.

Service Category: Engineering Services, Research & Development | Home Office: Hartford, Connecticut