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Clean Markets is a market development firm focused on DSM program Marketing, Outreach and Data Analytics. Founded by former energy executives, we consistently achieve high impact results and program participant satisfaction. Our marketing and outreach campaigns, guided by strong segmentation and industry knowledge, get the attention of the busiest decision-makers. In the past five years we have delivered over 450 GWh of energy savings to utility incentive programs. Look for the launch of B-RIM, our award-winning DSM sales tool in June 2015. Certifications: WBENC and WBE in CA, NJ,PA.

Service Category: Brand Strategy, Education, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Helps clients identify and implement measures to increase energy-efficiency, improve system operation, and reduce operating costs.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Energy Audits, Training | Home Office: Tustin, California

A full-service energy and software consulting company. Helps clients develop and implement programs, products, and processes that help them be more effective in achieving their goals. Provides services to the energy-efficiency community, including policy development, program design and implementation, training, data collection and analysis and code improvement services. Specializes in identifying problems and creating solutions that improve the energy performance of buildings.

Service Category: DSM Potential Studies, Program Planning & Design, Training | Home Office: Folsom, California
Utility-focused customer information system (CIS) integrations. Offers software solutions for CIS, managed services, work and asset management, enterprise resource planning, training, data migration, mobile workforce management, smart grid technology, project health assessment, and geographic information systems.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, Customer Information Systems, Training | Home Office: Rochester, New York
Provides energy- and cost-savings solutions and advises utilities, organizations, and trade allies on energy-efficiency programs, pilots, and related initiatives.
Service Category: Implementation, Program Planning & Design, Training | Home Office: Beaverton, Oregon

GingerHippo® is a digital design, marketing, and advertising agency, located in Woodbury, Minnesota. We specialize in helping small, medium, and large companies with latent semantic application, content engineering, marketing automation, and Wordpress development.

Service Category: Marketing & Advertising Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services, Training | Home Office: Woodbury, Minnesota
An energy management and environmental consulting firm specializing in real estate. Focuses on linking sustainability with financial performance. Develops and implements programs that help clients capitalize on energy efficiency, green buildings, renewable energy, carbon mitigation, water efficiency, recycling, and waste reduction.
Service Category: Energy Management Services, Implementation, Training | Home Office: Falls Church, Virginia
Provides software that helps clients understand and improve customer experience. There are three components to an effective operational customer experience management system: Capturing feedback from customers across every channel; transforming that data into insights; and making the results actionable across a company, from the c-suite to the frontline.
Service Category: Customer Experience Consulting, IT Services, Training | Home Office: Palo Alto, California
Assists real estate investors in evaluating energy-efficiency measures and reducing utility costs. Specializes in translating the energy performance of buildings into financial terms to give clients greater control of their utility expenses. Particular experience in the multifamily market.
Service Category: Energy Audits, Energy Management Services, Training | Home Office: Chaska, Minnesota
Takes a disciplined, holistic approach to customer experience management that fosters profound cultural changes that support both the journey of a customer and the profitability of a business.
Service Category: Customer Experience Consulting, Market Research Services, Training | Home Office: Hackensack, New Jersey
Helps utilities and other program administrators design, implement, manage, administrate, and evaluate demand-side management incentive programs and publicly funded energy-efficiency programs. Services include all aspects of DSM programs that merge energy efficiency and demand response to better control the supply side, mitigating uncertainty and risk in today's energy business.
Service Category: Implementation, Program Planning & Design, Training | Home Office: Grand Rapids, Michigan
WECC partners with utilities, local and state governments, and other organizations to provide real energy solutions that help both consumers and businesses, while delivering economic and environmental benefits. WECC designs and implements energy efficiency, financing, and training programs.
Service Category: Financing, Implementation, Training | Home Office: Madison, Wisconsin