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For more than 25 years, E Source has been helping utilities and large energy users with critical problems involving energy efficiency, utility customer satisfaction, program design, marketing, customer management, and sustainability. Our research and advisory business model enables you to tap into the best minds in the business, people who have wrestled with problems very similar to yours. Our approach gets you up the learning curve fast, helps you avoid the mistakes others have already made, and allows your organization to begin to immediately implement the industry’s best practices.

Service Category: Customer Experience Consulting, DSM Software, Program Planning & Design, Market Potential Studies, Marketing & Advertising Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: Boulder, Colorado

LightTracker is the first initiative of CREED and focuses on making available full-category lighting data reports, including incandescent, halogen, CFL, and LED bulb types, for all distribution channels and for the entire U.S. CREED LightTracker currently has retail POS data from 2009 through 2014 broken out by state and US total. There are many options available for reporting this data in ways that are useful for evaluating energy efficiency programs. With data customers across the US, CREED is the leading expert for fully scrubbed and verified retail sales data for the utility industry.

Service Category: Market Characterization Studies, Market Potential Studies, Market Research Services | Home Office: Boulder, Colorado

Energy Guidance Group, with decades of hands-on experience, ensures clients make quality informed decisions. EGG is an independent consulting company with national/international experience in industry studies, growth strategies, marketing of new products and services, and leveraging new technologies to address today's challenges. Founded in 2013, we provide the following services: Cost/Benefit Analysis, Market Research, Benchmarking Studies, Strategic Planning/Analysis, Project Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, Business Planning, Financial Management, Energy Procurement.

Service Category: Market Characterization Studies, Market Potential Studies, Market Research Services | Home Office: Dallas, Texas
Uses rigorous economic analysis techniques to address public-policy research issues. Provides robust estimation and analytical results based on "real world" revealed behavior that withstands intense scrutiny from independent reviewers. Because results must often be presented as public testimony, they must be defensible, and explanations of methods and results need to be communicated to a broad audience.
Service Category: Evaluation, Market Potential Studies | Home Office: Portland, Oregon
Provides expert witness support for all of its analytical and policy work products, which are thoughtfully developed and well defended. Expertise includes rate case litigation support, benchmarking cost and performance metrics, energy-efficiency and demand-response measure potential assessment, forensic accounting, life-cycle economic studies of investment opportunities, and peak load and energy forecasting.
Service Category: Load Forecasting, Market Potential Studies, Market Research Services | Home Office: Hauppauge, New York
Provides an effective way for consumers and utilities to responsibly recycle household appliances, resulting in improved energy conservation, lower utility bills, and a safer environment.
Service Category: Implementation, Market Potential Studies, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Mill Creek, Washington
Collaborates with clients to help them recognize opportunities and gain competitive advantages in the energy services sector. Provides a range of consulting services to utilities, program administrators, state and federal energy offices, regulatory commissions, advisory councils, and advocacy groups with an interest in creating wealth, promoting local jobs, and increasing the productive use of scarce resources.
Service Category: Evaluation, Policy Consulting, Market Potential Studies | Home Office: Hinesburg, Vermont