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Knowing that communities and businesses are dependent upon the utility sector to deliver safe and reliable power at an affordable price and to deliver programs and services that address business, resident, and community needs, offers a broad range of utility sector services, including energy-efficiency and consumer-product program design and implementation; organizational alignment, operational efficiency, employee engagement, and capacity-building; and customer and stakeholder engagement and communications.
Service Category: Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Seattle, Washington
Established in 1995, Morgan Marketing Partners helps utilities and energy organizations throughout the US with energy efficiency program design challenges. Services provided include program design, cost effectiveness modeling (using DSMore), strategic marketing consulting, redesign of existing programs, expert testimony, implementation/operations assistance, new product and service development, management assistance, evaluation/assessments of existing programs, and development of energy efficiency plans to increase and improve program results.
Service Category: Program Planning & Design, Market Research Services, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Madison, Wisconsin
Helps clients to deploy and integrate renewable energy, energy storage, and other emerging technologies; to understand the potential of smart grid; and to address consumer and regulatory demands. Expertise in regulatory processes, pricing, supply-and-demand dynamics, market design, fuel sourcing, financing, technologies, and operations.
Service Category: Evaluation, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Chicago, Illinois
Provides energy-engineering and program-management services to utilities, government agencies, and private sector clients. Has served as technical advisor in the fields of energy efficiency and clean generation.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Program Planning & Design, Regulatory Consulting | Home Office: San Francisco, California

Nexant touches on the customer experience from multiple perspectives as a globally recognized software, consulting, and services leader. We work to solve problems and help utilities, energy enterprises, chemical companies, and government entities worldwide. Through our talented team of industry experts, we develop innovative software, provide consulting and energy services, and deliver award-winning outcomes to our customers. Founded in 2000, Nexant's experts provide dynamic solutions to improve customer engagement, boost operational efficiency, reduce costs, and save resources.

Service Category: DSM Software, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: San Francisco, California
Offers program evaluations and designs, planning assessments, and market research to help clients deliver the most effective energy-efficiency and demand-response programs to their customers.
Service Category: Energy Management Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Winter Park, Florida
Offers innovative programs for energy and water efficiency. Its engineers, managers, and analysts help utilities, agencies, organizations, and businesses reduce utility costs, streamline operations, and deliver effective efficiency programs.
Service Category: Evaluation, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Bellevue, Washington
Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics designs and operates customer-centric energy-efficiency and environmental-management programs, encompassing all aspects of program design, implementation, management, marketing and outreach, customer service, call center, and trade ally management.
Service Category: Implementation, Program Planning & Design, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Detroit, Michigan
Helps electric utilities, deregulated power producers, customers, regulators, and policy-makers with planning and litigation support, as well as with the development of appropriate regulatory frameworks. Offers a range of operational and financial tools and models for the simulation and forecasting of market structure and conduct.
Service Category: Evaluation, Program Planning & Design, Regulatory Consulting | Home Office: Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Mendota Group, LLC is a consulting company that serves electric and gas utilities and energy consumers. We specialize in energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy program design, management, and strategic support. We specialize in procurement processes for contractor-managed energy-efficiency and demand-response programs on behalf of utilities.

Service Category: Implementation, Policy Consulting, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Mendota Heights, Minnesota
Full-service energy and natural resource management consulting firm. Over 25 years in the energy and resource consulting industry and experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and other resource conservation, green building technologies and applications, and resource industry human capital deployment.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Walnut Creek, California
Helps utilities and other program administrators design, implement, manage, administrate, and evaluate demand-side management incentive programs and publicly funded energy-efficiency programs. Services include all aspects of DSM programs that merge energy efficiency and demand response to better control the supply side, mitigating uncertainty and risk in today's energy business.
Service Category: Implementation, Program Planning & Design, Training | Home Office: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dedicated to reducing the economic and environmental costs of energy use. Offers energy-efficiency utilities as well as implementation and consulting services to utilities, government agencies, and foundations for the design and delivery of energy efficiency and renewable energy services.

Service Category: Policy Consulting, Program Planning & Design, Technical Reference Manual Development | Home Office: Burlington, Vermont
Provides professional technical and consulting services aimed at ensuring the quality, value, and security of US infrastructure, systems, facilities, and environment. Offerings span engineering and planning, energy efficiency and sustainability, financial and economic consulting, and national preparedness.
Service Category: Energy Audits, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Anaheim, California