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BMG offers extensive experience in the assessment of residential and commercial buildings and processes for energy efficiency. Has worked nationally and internationally in the development and implementation of codes and regulations that affect the energy use of residential and commercial buildings.
Service Category: Policy Consulting | Home Office: Boise, Idaho

A mission-driven nonprofit organization; works with policymakers, regulators, public agencies and businesses as an expert implementation partner and trusted information resource. Helps drive the adoption of clean, sustainable energy solutions.

Service Category: Implementation, Policy Consulting, Renewable Energy Services | Home Office: San Diego, California
Provides research, analysis, and strategic counsel in support of clients’ energy-efficiency and renewable-energy goals.
Service Category: Evaluation, Policy Consulting, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Montreal, Quebec
Energy & Environmental Economics provides analytics of electricity economics ranging from regulated utilities to restructured markets and from distributed resources to high-voltage transmission. Advises utilities, regulators, government agencies, power producers, energy technology companies, and investors in the electricity and natural gas industries.
Service Category: Evaluation, Integrated Resource Planning, Policy Consulting | Home Office: San Francisco, California
Bridges the gap between energy-efficiency policy and practice with data integrity and engineering innovation. Offers expertise in sustainable building design, evaluation and planning, emerging technologies, energy codes and standards, and energy modeling.
Service Category: Evaluation, Policy Consulting | Home Office: Seattle, Washington

Consulting firm that provides clients specialized expertise on energy-efficiency markets, programs, and policies, with an emphasis on cutting-edge approaches. Founded in April 2010 by Chris Neme, Richard Faesy and Glenn Reed, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Service Category: DSM Potential Studies, Evaluation, Policy Consulting | Home Office: Hinesburg, Vermont
Specializes in business development related to energy and in utility-related products and services. Focuses on the Texas market, helping to develop a wide range of companies, policy, programs, and projects. Areas of expertise include transmission and distribution, large-scale renewable energy projects, on-site generation, energy storage, efficiency, energy management, and demand response.
Service Category: Policy Consulting, Regulatory Consulting | Home Office: Austin, Texas

Experience with electric, gas, water and low-income programs and evaluations. Offers service and evaluation, and has done hundreds of these projects in many different organizations and jurisdictions.

Service Category: DSM Potential Studies, Evaluation, Policy Consulting | Home Office: Beaverton, Oregon
Provides industry expertise and analytics throughout the entire program life cycle, from research and analysis through implementation and improvement. Offers advisory and implementation services to help clients with strategy and policy analysis, program management, project evaluation, and other initiatives.
Service Category: Implementation, Policy Consulting, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Fairfax, Virginia
Provides management consulting, strategic planning, and project delivery solutions in the areas of energy and sustainability. Helps clients identify opportunities and realize value through program and resource optimization, advanced analytics, and performance management.
Service Category: Implementation, Policy Consulting, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Chicago, Illinois
Collaborates with clients to help them recognize opportunities and gain competitive advantages in the energy services sector. Provides a range of consulting services to utilities, program administrators, state and federal energy offices, regulatory commissions, advisory councils, and advocacy groups with an interest in creating wealth, promoting local jobs, and increasing the productive use of scarce resources.
Service Category: Evaluation, Policy Consulting, Market Potential Studies | Home Office: Hinesburg, Vermont

The Mendota Group, LLC is a consulting company that serves electric and gas utilities and energy consumers. We specialize in energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy program design, management, and strategic support. We specialize in procurement processes for contractor-managed energy-efficiency and demand-response programs on behalf of utilities.

Service Category: Implementation, Policy Consulting, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Dedicated to reducing the economic and environmental costs of energy use. Offers energy-efficiency utilities as well as implementation and consulting services to utilities, government agencies, and foundations for the design and delivery of energy efficiency and renewable energy services.

Service Category: Policy Consulting, Program Planning & Design, Technical Reference Manual Development | Home Office: Burlington, Vermont