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Frontier Associates LLC was founded in 1999 to enhance value at the utility+customer nexus. Frontier offers energy efficiency and water conservation consulting services to utilities, businesses, regulatory bodies, government entities, and consumers in the United States and Canada. The firm's reputation for integrity and reliability comes from its 16-year history of providing professional analyses that withstand rigorous independent review. Frontier is honored to have received the 2014 Clean Air Through Energy Efficiency Award for Outstanding Commercial Enterprise.

Service Category: Evaluation, Pricing & Rate Design, Program Planning & Design, Technical Reference Manual Development, Market Research Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: Austin, Texas
Provides low-cost data-logging hardware along with cloud services to cost-effectively deliver energy device data. Using a cloud service solves problems associated with device data collection related to cost, compatibility, data integrity, and security. Reliably delivers data from systems including utility meters, temperature sensors, gas meters, water meters, boilers, chillers, HVAC systems, compressed air systems, rooftop units and more.
Service Category: Manufacturer, Evaluation | Home Office: Portland, Oregon
A service corporation providing energy-efficiency program evaluation and research for utilities and other clients.
Service Category: Evaluation, Regulatory Consulting, Market Research Services | Home Office: Sacramento, California
A contracting, engineering, and consulting firm that works to balance consumption, environment, and economics in the solutions it creates.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Education | Home Office: Riverside, California
An energy-efficiency research and consulting firm that develops research solutions for difficult analytical challenges. Provides services in the areas of energy-efficiency evaluation, market research, and evaluation protocol development.
Service Category: Evaluation, Market Characterization Studies | Home Office: Groton, Massachusetts
Nonprofit research institute; collects and analyzes data and information to assess and improve public programs. Conducts research activities to provide stakeholders with an understanding of program design, operations, and impact that leads to recommendations for program improvement.
Service Category: Evaluation, Program Planning & Design, Market Research Services | Home Office: Princeton, New Jersey
Provides a suite of services and program management support to help clients meet sustainability and energy-efficiency goals over the lifespan of their buildings. Serves utility, government, public, and private clients.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Implementation | Home Office: Boulder, Colorado
Delivers services and solutions aimed at transforming markets and behaviors, creating social and economic value, and improving people’s lives.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Waltham, Massachusetts
Develops and implements solutions to today’s environmental challenges. Works with governments, corporations, and nonprofit organizations in the areas of resource conservation, climate resilience, green infrastructure, and waste reduction.
Service Category: Evaluation, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Seattle, Washington
Offers economic and engineering analysis to help utilities to develop regulatory strategies in response to the changing competitive environment and to develop market management strategies with menus of pricing products.
Service Category: Evaluation, Pricing & Rate Design, Regulatory Consulting | Home Office: Madison, Wisconsin
Helps policy makers, policy implementers, and large energy consumers set and achieve energy management and sustainability objectives. Has expertise in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs that promote energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed generation. Also advises on energy use policy and conducts market research.
Service Category: Evaluation, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Oakland, California
Provides research, analysis, and strategic counsel in support of clients’ energy-efficiency and renewable-energy goals.
Service Category: Evaluation, Policy Consulting, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Montreal, Quebec
Energy & Environmental Economics provides analytics of electricity economics ranging from regulated utilities to restructured markets and from distributed resources to high-voltage transmission. Advises utilities, regulators, government agencies, power producers, energy technology companies, and investors in the electricity and natural gas industries.
Service Category: Evaluation, Integrated Resource Planning, Policy Consulting | Home Office: San Francisco, California
Provides professional economics, planning, and financial consulting services and expert testimony for private- and public-sector clients. Enables data-driven decisions with applied microeconomics at the core to assess benefits, costs, and tradeoffs.
Service Category: Evaluation | Home Office: Portland, Oregon
Bridges the gap between energy-efficiency policy and practice with data integrity and engineering innovation. Offers expertise in sustainable building design, evaluation and planning, emerging technologies, energy codes and standards, and energy modeling.
Service Category: Evaluation, Policy Consulting | Home Office: Seattle, Washington
Provides energy industry research and analysis to utility companies and other clients. Has expertise in policy, planning, and evaluation; customer and market research; and engineering analysis and technology assessment.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Market Research Services | Home Office: Seattle, Washington
Guides businesses, industry, government, and utilities in the efficient use of resources and the advancement of sustainable practices. Works to help clients improve efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, and maximize economic competitiveness.
Service Category: Evaluation, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: North Andover, Massachusetts
Provides services aimed at supporting cost-effective energy conservation and resource management techniques. Identifies, evaluates, and implements building and process energy-efficiency strategies. Has expertise in building science and energy studies of capital investment and operational energy conservation measures.
Service Category: Evaluation, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Portland, Oregon

Consulting firm that provides clients specialized expertise on energy-efficiency markets, programs, and policies, with an emphasis on cutting-edge approaches. Founded in April 2010 by Chris Neme, Richard Faesy and Glenn Reed, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Service Category: DSM Potential Studies, Evaluation, Policy Consulting | Home Office: Hinesburg, Vermont
Uses rigorous economic analysis techniques to address public-policy research issues. Provides robust estimation and analytical results based on "real world" revealed behavior that withstands intense scrutiny from independent reviewers. Because results must often be presented as public testimony, they must be defensible, and explanations of methods and results need to be communicated to a broad audience.
Service Category: Evaluation, Market Potential Studies | Home Office: Portland, Oregon