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Comverge is the industry’s leading provider of integrated cloud-based demand-response, energy-efficiency and customer-engagement solutions that enable electric utilities to ensure grid reliability, lower energy costs, meet regulatory demands, and enhance the customer experience. Comverge software, hardware, and services help utilities optimize every aspect of a demand management program.

Service Category: DSM Potential Studies, DSM Software, Implementation, Load Forecasting, Pricing & Rate Design, Program Planning & Design, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Norcross, Georgia

For more than 25 years, E Source has been helping utilities and large energy users with critical problems involving energy efficiency, utility customer satisfaction, program design, marketing, customer management, and sustainability. Our research and advisory business model enables you to tap into the best minds in the business, people who have wrestled with problems very similar to yours. Our approach gets you up the learning curve fast, helps you avoid the mistakes others have already made, and allows your organization to begin to immediately implement the industry’s best practices.

Service Category: Customer Experience Consulting, DSM Software, Program Planning & Design, Market Potential Studies, Marketing & Advertising Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: Boulder, Colorado

ESP®: state-of-the-art, measure management tools that integrate with tracking and reporting systems.

Service Category: DSM Software, Technical Reference Manual Development, Database Development & Support, IT Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: Shakopee, Minnesota

Ecotagious helps utility companies drive verified industry-leading energy savings and enhance customer engagement using smart meter disaggregation. Through the power of big data analytics and machine learning, Ecotagious turns smart meter data into appliance-level energy insights, which can be delivered over various channels from paper to smart speakers.

Service Category: DSM Software, Program Planning & Design, Big Data Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services | Home Office: Vancouver, British Columbia

Nest reinvents unloved but important home products, like the thermostat. We focus on delighting customers with simple, beautiful and thoughtful hardware, software and services. Nest partners with electric and gas utilities across North America to deliver DSM programs that provide cost-effective energy savings, user-friendly demand response, and outstanding customer satisfaction. See for more information.

Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services, Implementation, Program Planning & Design, Manufacturer, Smart Grid Services | Home Office: Palo Alto, California

The Weidt Group provides services and tools to plan and manage commercial building energy consumption. Working with utilities, owners, design teams, and manufacturers, we provide comparative analysis of options to help decision-makers find the right solution for their energy efficiency and financial goals. Using real-time, web-based energy models, we provide energy cost savings, paybacks, and total life-cycle cost information critical to making informed energy decisions.

Service Category: DSM Potential Studies, DSM Software, Implementation, Program Planning & Design, Engineering Services | Home Office: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Offers a digital customer engagement program that brings value to customers while driving positive, measurable business outcomes for utilities. This data-driven software appeals to people’s interests and desires, informs them about their energy use and makes saving energy social, fun, and simple.

Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services, Big Data Services | Home Office: Boulder, Colorado
We have, since 2006, implemented our DSM Tracking System at a number of the largest utilities across the US. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM framework, this end-to-end operations management system for Residential and C&I programs can be deployed both online or on-premise. Includes DIY Workflow automation, Portal access, Trade Ally Management, Incentive payments, live Integration incl. SAP, data Migration tools, Drag-n-Drop Document Management, Mobile, Reporting & Dashboards, Measure Calculations, High-Volume application tools, Lead Management, Email Notifications, Telephony integration.
Service Category: DSM Software | Home Office: Culver City, California
Aclara’s Consumer Engagement group provides advanced customer analytics to water, gas, and electric utilities across the US. Over 40 utilities rely on Aclara’s insights to support utility programs including behavioral energy-efficiency, enhanced customer self-service and smart meter. Our highly configurable Adaptive Consumer Engagement platform (ACLARA ACE) enables us to support these programs using a combination of innovative approaches that generate consistent, measurable results. Aclara Technologies LLC is owned by an affiliate of Sun Capital Partners. Visit
Service Category: Digital Strategy Consulting, DSM Software, Big Data Services | Home Office: Hazelwood, Missouri
Offers a software platform that captures, combines and analyzes utility-supplied data, environmental information, and additional data sets. The findings are processed and packaged to provide personalized energy-efficiency recommendations for electric utilities and their business customers.
Service Category: DSM Software, Big Data Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services | Home Office: Chicago, Illinois

AIQUEOUS provides software and engineering services to cities, municipalities, and utilities to reduce administrative costs and improve the operational performance of customer programs. Our PowerPath® platform helps our clients around the country manage energy efficiency programs. Our water-energy nexus solutions include market / potential studies, program design, project qualification, and ASHRAE Level I facility energy audits.

Service Category: DSM Potential Studies, DSM Software, Customer Relationship Management | Home Office: Austin, Texas
Promotes products and services that can help transform the marketplace. Offers online platforms that support activities ranging from a mobile matchmaker for consumers and services that benefit the social good to the for household products that do more with less.
Service Category: DSM Software, Rebate Processing & Fulfillment | Home Office: San Mateo, California

ANB Systems is a leading technology platform provider in the energy industry. ANB offers eTRACK and ReD for managing energy efficiency programs, demand-side management operations and retail energy services. 

eTRACK is a web-based technology platform for managing energy efficiency programs and demand-side management operations of electric and gas utilities. 

ReD (Retail Energy Desk) is a technology of choice for energy retailers with an intelligent pricing engine, load forecaster, wholesale deal capture system, scheduler and bidding system, and data repository of all downloaded data. 

Service Category: DSM Software, Program Planning & Design, Database Development & Support | Home Office: Sugar Land, Texas
Combines analytics with web interfaces to deliver applications that speak to the energy-efficiency needs of today’s consumers and today’s energy utilities. Whether it’s home energy analysis, smart grid integration, billing data presentment or commercial facility energy management, the applications identify opportunities for energy savings and provide consumers with cost-saving comparisons needed to make better decisions.
Service Category: Customer Care Services, DSM Software, Web Development | Home Office: Atlanta, Georgia
Provides cloud-based energy-analysis software that enables architects and designers to perform whole-building analysis, optimize energy consumption, and work toward carbon-neutral building designs earlier in the process. Cloud-based energy-efficiency software helps teams achieve sustainable building designs faster and more accurately.
Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services | Home Office: San Rafael, California
Offers services that enable utilities to meet their demand-side energy goals through analytics that itemize home energy usage data to the appliance level without using any plug-level monitors.
Service Category: DSM Software, Big Data Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services | Home Office: Sunnyvale, California
Offers a software-as-a-service solution for optimizing energy use in commercial buildings. Enables automatic tuning and control of HVAC systems to produce savings while maintaining or improving comfort.
Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services | Home Office: Foster City, California
Provides smart grid analytics software-as-a-service solutions that integrate massive amounts of disparate data, apply multilayered analytics, and provide portals that generate actionable real-time insights. Offers end-to-end system visibility across supply-side and demand-side operations.
Service Category: DSM Software, Big Data Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services | Home Office: Redwood City, California
Works with asset-intensive organizations facing the challenges of aging infrastructure. Helps clients re-think their approach to capital planning, life-cycle asset planning, and budgeting by integrating planning, analysis, approval, and execution to make risk-informed decisions that are effective, transparent, and focused on the long-term performance of their organizations.
Service Category: DSM Software, Database Development & Support | Home Office: Burnaby, British Columbia
Makes Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats for residential and commercial applications that are intuitive and beautiful. Helps customers maximize comfort and savings without compromising lifestyle.
Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services, Manufacturer | Home Office: Toronto, Ontario