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Provides engineering and energy consulting services, with expertise that includes energy supply, natural gas, transmission, energy efficiency, environment and safety, financial and regulatory matters.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Marietta, Georgia
Provides comprehensive, data-driven energy management solutions that leverage the power of real-time data collection, big data analytics, and cloud computing to maximize energy savings, operational efficiency, capital utilization, and sustainability benefits. Serves clients in the retail, restaurant, grocery, and convenience store industries as well as government entities.
Service Category: Manufacturer, Energy Management Services, Big Data Services | Home Office: Arlington, Virginia
Offers an integrated service-delivery model, covering enterprise applications (around SAP and Oracle), customer service and billing, enterprise asset management, human capital management, finance and ERP, and business analytics. Provides solutions for prepay services, predictive analytics, and back-office optimizations, and combines services such as infrastructure, application management, and business process outsourcing.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, Customer Care Services, IT Services | Home Office: Broomfield, Colorado

An integrated energy solutions company that has installed and engineered over 4,500 solar and clean energy systems since 2001. Reduces energy costs and develops utility assets in renewable energy production, demand-side management, and return-on-investment strategies for its US and non-US clients.

Service Category: Financing, Renewable Energy Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: Murrieta, California

Provides business and consumer solutions to transform business processes. Operations throughout the Americas. Offers a broad range of consumer and business products, including industrial equipment and services, automotive products, and consumer electronics. Leverages advanced technologies to create innovative solutions. Deals in research and development along with diverse product lines, right from the automotive systems and industrial systems to home electronics and professional display technologies. A subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd.

Service Category: IT Services, Manufacturer, Research & Development | Home Office: Los Angeles, California
Home Energy Analytics develops white-labeled, web-based customer engagement software that uses smart meter data analysis to help residential energy consumers take control of their energy bills, and utilities and regulators to deploy cost-effective residential energy-efficiency programs.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, Energy Management Services, Big Data Services | Home Office: Los Altos, California
Offers a cost-effective and reliable distributed energy storage solution for the grid. Delivers up to six hours of clean, firm, non-fatiguing stored energy daily that is fully dispatchable by the utility.
Service Category: Manufacturer | Home Office: Glendale, California
Helps energy businesses and IT leaders, as well as the suppliers who serve them, make more-effective technology decisions by providing accurate, timely, and insightful fact-based research and consulting services. Its research analyzes and advises on business and technology issues facing the utility and oil and gas industries.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, IT Services | Home Office: Framingham, Massachusetts
Provides solutions that measure, manage, and analyze energy and water. Includes electricity, gas, water, and thermal energy measurement devices and control technology; communications systems; software; and consulting services.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, DSM Software, Market Research Services | Home Office: Liberty Lake, Washington

Independent providers of energy engineering services specializing in commercial, institutional, and industrial mechanical systems. Familiar with energy-using systems, proven methods for reducing utility costs, and accurate techniques for estimating project costs and energy savings.

Service Category: Energy Audits, Renewable Energy Services, Engineering Services | Home Office: Oakland, California
Helps utility clients respond to increased energy demand, contend with severe weather, improve operational efficiency, and integrate renewable energy into the mix of power generation. Offers utility industry experience, technical expertise, and regulatory and business acumen for improving clients' organizational performance and addressing the needs of consumers, investors, and stakeholders. Services include business and financial advisory, energy management, big data analytics, power delivery, smart grid, and renewable and clean energy.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Smart Grid Services, IT Services | Home Office: Reston, Virginia
Delivers energy engineering consulting services aimed at maximizing the value of utility company assets while improving end-use clients' mechanical building systems design, construction, and operation. Serves large utilities, corporations, city planners, and medical institutions.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Implementation | Home Office: Tempe, Arizona

With over 70 completed solar installs and nearly 300k W of projects in progress, Living Skies Solar is determined to impact our climate with solar energy.

Service Category: Green Power, Manufacturer, Smart Grid Services | Home Office: Headingley, Manitoba
A security and aerospace company that provides services for research, design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products, and services.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, Energy Management Services, Implementation | Home Office: Bethesda, Maryland
Provides technical, program management, evaluation, and administrative support for utility demand-side management programs. Also provides services to commercial, institutional, and industrial end-users, including investment-grade feasibility studies, retro-commissioning studies, and LEED consulting.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: La Crosse, Wisconsin

MRPEasy is a true cloud-based ERP/MRP software for small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses which offers the same functionality as well-known legacy systems, but without the extra complexity and insane price tag. MRPEasy does not require long-term training to be implemented. Since it is a SaaS solution, no prior installation is required. The main modules of MRPEasy are: Production Planning, Inventory Control, CRM, Procurement/Supply Chain Management, and several complementary functions. 

Service Category: Quality Assurance Services, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturer | Home Office: Tacoma , Washington
Provides engineering and technical support to utility-sponsored commercial and industrial incentive programs, consulting services to commercial end users, and sustainability solutions including LEED certifications.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Energy Audits, Implementation | Home Office: Morro Bay, California
Provides energy-engineering and program-management services to utilities, government agencies, and private sector clients. Has served as technical advisor in the fields of energy efficiency and clean generation.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Program Planning & Design, Regulatory Consulting | Home Office: San Francisco, California
Provides services that address emerging energy and social issues, including energy-efficiency evaluation; smart grid, demand response, and behavior; market research; and expert testimony and consulting on program design and evaluation.
Service Category: Smart Grid Services, Evaluation, Market Research Services | Home Office: Waltham, Massachusetts

Pelican is a manufacturer of commercial-only web-enabled Smart Thermostats and EMS. We are a DCV- and ADR-approved manufacturer throughout the country where such programs exist such as: NVEnergy - ADR, PG&E - DCV, Focus on Energy - DCV, N.W. utilities - ARC Joint Utility Rebate, Bonneville Power - Energy Efficiency, Consumers Energy - ARC, Idaho Power - Commercial/Industrial Energy Efficiency, Rocky Mountain Power - ARC

Service Category: Manufacturer | Home Office: Livermore, California