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With more than 8 years of rich accumulated experience in mobile, web and software development, Mindinventory is devotedly serving global customers. We are preeminent Mobile App Development Company, an IT Consultant and a Digital Specialist based in India with offices in other nations including USA, Australia, Scotland, South Africa and Chile. We have roped in an intensely dedicated, hands-on experienced and tech-savvy 130+ professional team that believes in building apps and software that stand apart from the crowd.

Service Category: IT Services, Web Development | Home Office: Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Mobisoft Infotech is Houston based smartphone application development company specializing in iOS, Android and BB Enterprise app development, and our portfolio comprises of more than 240+ applications delivered so far. Our team has great experience in mobile application development along with creative and market specific product development. It comprised of highest caliber software designers and developers versed in development standards, best practice methods and most popular as well as cutting edge development platforms and technologies.

Service Category: Database Development & Support, IT Services, Web Development | Home Office: Houston, Texas

Cloud-based MRP Software for Small Manufacturers (10 - 200 employees) MRPeasy helps manufacturers stay organized With Simple yet powerful self-service manufacturing ERP/MRP system. Seamless management of production, stock, customers, purchases, finances, and the team. - Accurate production planning and reporting - Real-time inventory overview - Exact and on-time deliveries - Complete view of your business

Service Category: Big Data Services, Customer Information Systems, Customer Relationship Management | Home Office: Tacoma, Washington

MRPEasy is a true cloud-based ERP/MRP software for small and mid-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses which offers the same functionality as well-known legacy systems, but without the extra complexity and insane price tag. MRPEasy does not require long-term training to be implemented. Since it is a SaaS solution, no prior installation is required. The main modules of MRPEasy are: Production Planning, Inventory Control, CRM, Procurement/Supply Chain Management, and several complementary functions. 

Service Category: Quality Assurance Services, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturer | Home Office: Tacoma , Washington

NorthBay is a global provider of cloud big data and analytics professional services and solutions. NorthBay specializes in helping companies unify internal and external data repositories to create meaningful insight for various stakeholders including internal departments such as sales, marketing, and business analytics, as well external constituents including clients and partners. NorthBay Solutions currently employs nearly 200 people worldwide and provides strategy, architecture, development and analytics services.

Service Category: Big Data Services, Customer Relationship Management, Web Development | Home Office: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ntiva is an IT solution and technology service company who has designed and developed technology requirements for hundreds of companies across many industries, anything from basic helpdesk support to complex technology development for long term planning. Ntiva has offices in Washington DC, Beverly Hills, Colorado Springs, and Reston VA. With over 115 industry awards and certifications and over 2800 successful complete projects since 2004, Ntiva’s customized, flexible and affordable IT services help businesses build highly efficient IT infrastructure.

Service Category: Database Development & Support, IT Services, Web Development | Home Office: McLean, Virginia
Serves utilities ranging from large IOU and government-owned utilities to small co-ops and municipalities. Offers meter installation, reading, and data management; asset monitoring services; software solutions related to the location and protection of utility infrastructures; and staffing, software, hardware, and IT infrastructure for back-office operations. We also support other providers in the industry, ranging from large consultancies to local site-services contractors.
Service Category: Billing & Payment Processing, Customer Care Services, IT Services | Home Office: Ann Arbor, Michigan

OPĀQ changes the way security is delivered: from the cloud. Our groundbreaking network security-as-a-service empowers organizations with the easiest way to tighten security control and improve business agility. With OPĀQ, you can have one network — simplified, centralized, and secure.

Service Category: IT Services | Home Office: Herndon, Virginia
Provides activity intelligence and desktop automation solutions that improve performance, drive revenue, and increase efficiencies in contact center, back office, and retail storefront environments. Delivers actionable, real-time activity and performance insights for making informed decisions about people and technologies. Clients use desktop automation to streamline worker activity, simplify critical service processes, and remove technology barriers as a means to deliver an optimal customer experience.
Service Category: Call Center Services, Customer Care Services, IT Services | Home Office: Alpharetta, Georgia
Combines a cloud-based platform, big data, and behavioral science to help utilities reduce energy consumption and improve their relationship with their customers. Helps energy consumers lower their energy use and costs, and reduce carbon emissions.
Service Category: DSM Software, Big Data Services, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Arlington, Virginia

optimalCX solutions, LLC is a boutique consulting and solutions provider that is passionate about helping our clients deliver the optimal customer experience. Through our world-class strategy consulting, omni-channel design, usability best-practices and omniCX Unified Customer Experience software platform, optimalCX puts technology and solutions in the hands of the business so they can achieve relevant, actionable and measurable results.

Service Category: Customer Experience Consulting, Digital Strategy Consulting, Web Development | Home Office: Las Vegas, Nevada
Offers solutions that incorporate speed, reliability, security, and manageability with an integrated stack of hardware and software. These complete, open, and integrated solutions offer top performance at the lowest cost. Industry-specific solutions are engineered to address complex business processes across a wide range of industries.
Service Category: Customer Care Services, Big Data Services, IT Services | Home Office: Redwood Shores, California
A technology and management consulting firm with expertise in designing, building, and delivering business-driven technology solutions. Helps clients gain competitive advantage by using Internet-based technologies to make their businesses more responsive to market opportunities and threats; to strengthen relationships with customers, suppliers and partners; and to improve productivity and reduce information technology costs.
Service Category: IT Services | Home Office: Denver, Colorado

PostScan Mail is a virtual mail service provider in the US, headquartered at Anaheim, CA. It provides more than 42 nationwide virtual addresses/PO boxes for your business, In addition to its smart features: Mail and packages forwarding, Mail scanning, 30 Days FREE physical mail storage, Shredding, and recycling request for the unimportant document. Offering various pricing plans; choose the most convenient to you starting at $14.95 per month. It gives you a complete mail management for your mail deliveries. Just sign up your account and download our App from Google Play or Apple store.

Service Category: Database Development & Support, IT Services, Web Development | Home Office: Anaheim, California

Power TakeOff is a utility data customer engagement provider and non-residential behavioral program  provider. Our interval data (15 minute and 1 minute) water and energy management monitoring, analytics, and reporting services allow businesses and institutions to identify saving opportunities from behavioral/operational and retrofit improvements. Whether using the energy reports to monitor energy  operations or budget energy costs, Power TakeOff's tools allow you to easily review, track, compare, graph, manage and even estimate energy costs based on actual and normalized data projections.

Service Category: Energy Management Services, Implementation, Big Data Services | Home Office: Denver, Colorado
A customer experience management software company focused on the requirements of Global 2000 organizations with diverse product lines. Its products analyze valuable customer sentiment in real-time and scale to meet the demands of big data, eliminating silos of customer information captured across multiple channels including websites, call centers, retail or branch locations, and social platforms.
Service Category: Customer Care Services, Customer Experience Consulting, IT Services | Home Office: Vancouver, British Columbia

RMG Networks is a leader in the visual communication and digital display space. Their services are offered across a variety of industries, including: contact centers, industrial and higher education. To learn more about the company and their service offerings, visit RMG Networks's website.

Service Category: Call Center Services, Big Data Services, Customer Relationship Management | Home Office: Addison, Texas

Roobykon Software is a full-service IT outsourcing company providing modern web and mobile services to start-ups, enterprises, SMBs and agencies. We build effective web and mobile solutions to grow brands online.

Service Category: Web Development | Home Office: Manhattan, New York
A full-service communications firm with expertise in strategic brand building, graphic design, advertising, corporate identity, packaging, social media, strategy for marketing and promotions, media strategy, web development, and environmental and retail consultation.
Service Category: Brand Strategy, Web Development, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Vancouver, British Columbia
Offers cloud-based customer relationship management software used by companies of all sizes across most industries. Combines business processes, people, and technology to help clients achieve the goal of getting and keeping customers. Helps clients learn more about customers’ behavior, which helps to develop stronger, lasting relationships.
Service Category: Customer Relationship Management, IT Services, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: San Francisco, California