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Offers program evaluations and designs, planning assessments, and market research to help clients deliver the most effective energy-efficiency and demand-response programs to their customers.
Service Category: Energy Management Services, Evaluation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Winter Park, Florida
Quantum Energy Services & Technologies provides energy-efficiency solutions to a broad range of sectors with expertise in both energy-efficiency engineering and program management. Offers data-driven solutions to clients ranging from corner grocers and universities to data centers and wastewater treatment plants.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Energy Audits, Implementation | Home Office: Berkeley, California

Patented demand management and demand response for small to mid-sized commercial and industrial facilities. Full integration with OpenADR 2.0b. Swarm Logic delivers M2M demand response, and demand reduction on a daily basis, typically 20% of the demand charge is reduced in kW. Swarm Logic ensures equipment is off during unoccupied or closed hours, saving kWh toward DSM goals.

Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services, Implementation | Home Office: San Marcos, California
Provides program evaluation and market research services, including market assessment design and analysis. Specializes in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and natural resource management.
Service Category: Evaluation, Market Characterization Studies, Market Research Services | Home Office: Portland, Oregon
Richard Heath & Associates advances behavioral change and technology adoption in the mass market to make sustainable solutions more effective. Designs positive customer experiences and ensures the quality of subcontractor work. Serves utilities, government agencies, state and local governments, trade organizations, and marketing firms.
Service Category: Energy Audits, Implementation, Education | Home Office: Fresno, California
Provides personalized consulting services to clients throughout the energy value chain. A common theme in the energy studies it has conducted is the advancement of ideas, technologies, markets, and policies that promote environmental leadership, innovation, and market competition.
Service Category: Evaluation, Integrated Resource Planning, Market Research Services | Home Office: Newton, Massachusetts
Provides holistic analytic solutions and services for the energy industry. Has expertise in regulatory consulting, social marketing, and marketing effectiveness. Whether investigating market interest in electric vehicles, advising on smart grid implementations, or showing how to market more effectively, takes a multidisciplinary approach to apply the best practice available to clients for both technology and marketing.
Service Category: Regulatory Consulting, Marketing & Advertising Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services | Home Office: Cincinnati, Ohio
Offers innovative programs for energy and water efficiency. Its engineers, managers, and analysts help utilities, agencies, organizations, and businesses reduce utility costs, streamline operations, and deliver effective efficiency programs.
Service Category: Evaluation, Implementation, Program Planning & Design | Home Office: Bellevue, Washington
Specializing in energy management, offers products and services aimed at making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive, and green. Services in the energy field include automation and control, building life cycle, critical power and cooling, electrical distribution, sustainability consulting, engineering, GIS, industrial repair, lighting control, and power management engineered solutions.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Manufacturer, Energy Management Services | Home Office: Palatine, Illinois
Developer of the first “energy-infrastructure-as-a-service” integrated platform; delivers a blend of cloud-based software and project capital to drive the deployment of comprehensive energy solutions in large buildings.
Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services | Home Office: Dallas, Texas
Solutions for Energy Efficient Logistics designs and operates customer-centric energy-efficiency and environmental-management programs, encompassing all aspects of program design, implementation, management, marketing and outreach, customer service, call center, and trade ally management.
Service Category: Implementation, Program Planning & Design, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Detroit, Michigan
A research and consulting firm specializing in economic, policy, and evaluation analysis for solid waste and energy clients, including utilities, municipalities, counties, authorities, and state and federal agencies. Offers integrated planning, evaluation, and economics to improve program performance and cost-effectiveness.
Service Category: Evaluation, Market Research Services | Home Office: Superior, Colorado
Offers a digital customer engagement program that brings value to customers while driving positive, measurable business outcomes for utilities. This data-driven software appeals to people’s interests and desires, informs them about their energy use and makes saving energy social, fun, and simple.
Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services, Big Data Services | Home Office: Boulder, Colorado
Develops innovative solutions that foster sustainable energy consumption. Offers user-friendly, affordable and efficient ways to use less energy without sacrificing comfort.
Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services | Home Office: Newark, Delaware
A leading nationwide provider of turnkey energy-efficiency solutions for utilities, commercial & industrial customers. We specialize in a unique approach to utility-based commercial energy-efficiency programs and emphasize hard-to-reach customer segments (small business customers or multifamily buildings) and emerging technologies. As a turnkey direct-install program administrator and implementation contractor, we combine marketing, education & customer outreach with energy analysis, solutions tailored to each customer's needs & finances, and complete project installation coordination.
Service Category: Energy Management Services, Implementation, Administration Services | Home Office: Ballston Lake, New York
Designs, manages and implements energy-efficiency programs on behalf of utilities and government partnerships. Also provides energy services for corporate and large energy users. Staff includes program managers, certified and journeyman electricians, certified BPI raters, customer enrollment specialists, certified weatherization specialists, database managers, and support staff with experience in energy-efficiency audits and direct installs.
Service Category: Energy Audits, Implementation, Outreach | Home Office: Scottsdale, Arizona

Research and consulting firm specializing in energy, economic, and environmental topics. Provides rigorous analysis of the electric power sector for public interest and governmental clients.

Service Category: DSM Potential Studies, Integrated Resource Planning, Technical Reference Manual Development | Home Office: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Works with utility companies, state agencies, municipalities, and transformation groups to promote turnkey pop-up retail stores, product fairs, energy-efficiency programs, e-commerce, and fundraisers. Breaks down adoption barriers by helping clients' customers understand the benefits of energy-efficient products.
Service Category: Implementation, Education, Marketing & Advertising Services | Home Office: Collinsville, Connecticut
Provides data-driven energy service management for the evolving energy market. Its cloud-based software platform provides the infrastructure, analytics, and understanding required to deliver personalized energy services and drive new business opportunities.
Service Category: DSM Software, Big Data Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services | Home Office: Boulder, Colorado
Offers consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services to government and commercial clients. Delivers solutions focused on water, environment, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources.
Service Category: Energy Audits, Energy Management Services, Evaluation | Home Office: Pasadena, California