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A service corporation providing energy-efficiency program evaluation and research for utilities and other clients.
Service Category: Evaluation, Regulatory Consulting, Market Research Services | Home Office: Sacramento, California
Offers a software platform that captures, combines and analyzes utility-supplied data, environmental information, and additional data sets. The findings are processed and packaged to provide personalized energy-efficiency recommendations for electric utilities and their business customers.
Service Category: DSM Software, Big Data Services, Segmentation & Targeting Services | Home Office: Chicago, Illinois

AIQUEOUS provides software and engineering services to cities, municipalities, and utilities to reduce administrative costs and improve the operational performance of customer programs. Our PowerPath® platform helps our clients around the country manage energy efficiency programs. Our water-energy nexus solutions include market / potential studies, program design, project qualification, and ASHRAE Level I facility energy audits.

Service Category: DSM Potential Studies, DSM Software, Customer Relationship Management | Home Office: Austin, Texas

Created a home energy management mobile app that allows users to control lights and thermostats automatically while on the go.

Service Category: Energy Management Services, IT Services | Home Office: Vienna, Virginia
Locally owned and operated smart technology provider. Offers proprietary smart technologies that align with consumer’s interests in managing home systems, with the aim of having a positive impact on the environment while providing a positive user experience.
Service Category: Manufacturer, Energy Management Services | Home Office: Austin, Texas
A contracting, engineering, and consulting firm that works to balance consumption, environment, and economics in the solutions it creates.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Education | Home Office: Riverside, California
Provides energy engineering and management consulting services to utilities, government agencies, and corporations seeking to improve energy production, delivery, and end-use. Has expertise in energy efficiency, demand reduction, distributed generation, technology and market assessments, and energy technology research and development.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Program Planning & Design, Market Characterization Studies | Home Office: Carlsbad, California

A full-service source for water- and energy-saving products that have been used in large conservation programs.

Service Category: Implementation, Manufacturer, Administration Services | Home Office: Charleston, South Carolina
Helps organizations meet energy-saving and energy management challenges with an integrated approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Leverages budget-neutral solutions and power purchase agreements to eliminate financial barriers to implementing energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects.
Service Category: Energy Management Services, Financing | Home Office: Framingham, Massachusetts
Promotes products and services that can help transform the marketplace. Offers online platforms that support activities ranging from a mobile matchmaker for consumers and services that benefit the social good to the for household products that do more with less.
Service Category: DSM Software, Rebate Processing & Fulfillment | Home Office: San Mateo, California
An energy-efficiency research and consulting firm that develops research solutions for difficult analytical challenges. Provides services in the areas of energy-efficiency evaluation, market research, and evaluation protocol development.
Service Category: Evaluation, Market Characterization Studies | Home Office: Groton, Massachusetts

ANB Systems is a leading technology platform provider in the energy industry. ANB offers eTRACK and ReD for managing energy efficiency programs, demand-side management operations and retail energy services. 

eTRACK is a web-based technology platform for managing energy efficiency programs and demand-side management operations of electric and gas utilities. 

ReD (Retail Energy Desk) is a technology of choice for energy retailers with an intelligent pricing engine, load forecaster, wholesale deal capture system, scheduler and bidding system, and data repository of all downloaded data. 

Service Category: DSM Software, Program Planning & Design, Database Development & Support | Home Office: Sugar Land, Texas
Combines analytics with web interfaces to deliver applications that speak to the energy-efficiency needs of today’s consumers and today’s energy utilities. Whether it’s home energy analysis, smart grid integration, billing data presentment or commercial facility energy management, the applications identify opportunities for energy savings and provide consumers with cost-saving comparisons needed to make better decisions.
Service Category: Customer Care Services, DSM Software, Web Development | Home Office: Atlanta, Georgia
Provides an array of consulting services to clients in the energy business, including utilities, government agencies, technology companies, and others facing strategic and tactical decisions of consequence.
Service Category: Implementation, IT Services, Market Research Services | Home Office: Islandia, New York
Nonprofit research institute; collects and analyzes data and information to assess and improve public programs. Conducts research activities to provide stakeholders with an understanding of program design, operations, and impact that leads to recommendations for program improvement.
Service Category: Evaluation, Program Planning & Design, Market Research Services | Home Office: Princeton, New Jersey
The company's three business components work together to provide an array of appliance-related energy-efficiency services. Strives to maximize materials recycling while protecting natural resources from the environmentally damaging substances found in old appliances.
Service Category: Implementation | Home Office: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Provides a suite of services and program management support to help clients meet sustainability and energy-efficiency goals over the lifespan of their buildings. Serves utility, government, public, and private clients.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Evaluation, Implementation | Home Office: Boulder, Colorado

Ascentium Capital does financing and leasing up to $1.5 million on equipment and technology with low to no upfront costs and extended terms. Need cash in hand to make your next business move? Ascentium also does small business loans—a simple one-page application could get you approved for up to $250,000 in as little as two hours.

Service Category: Financing | Home Office: Kingwood, Texas
Helps clients identify and implement measures to increase energy-efficiency, improve system operation, and reduce operating costs.
Service Category: Engineering Services, Energy Audits, Training | Home Office: Tustin, California
Provides cloud-based energy-analysis software that enables architects and designers to perform whole-building analysis, optimize energy consumption, and work toward carbon-neutral building designs earlier in the process. Cloud-based energy-efficiency software helps teams achieve sustainable building designs faster and more accurately.
Service Category: DSM Software, Energy Management Services | Home Office: San Rafael, California